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05-12-2010, 03:00 PM
Originally Posted by J-Sheridan
Looks decent but from what I see there isnt enough stations for a full bridge crew to occupy.

I suppose they will just have the folks standing around looking at consoles - personnally that annoys me. I would like every officer to have a sitting chair and animations for walking around a bit.

Regardless, I have a Star Cruiser bridge for my Prometheus and it serves me well. I WOULD use the Defiant but Cryptic stupidly didnt scale the lower tier bridges up to the higher tier officer amounts.
There is enough room on the Defiant bridge for a full 10 officers but it will only take 6 from what I have seen.

Some of the others are the same. They wont show all your officers or have generic officers which ruins it.
If you look at the diagram of the Prometheus bridge from Ex-Astris Scientia, there are two more stations forward of the doors but out of the camera shot. this brings the total number of stations to 6 (not including the captain's chair). The total amount of assigned bridge officer slots in a Tier 5 ship is 5 (two of the designated type for the ship, 2 of another type, and one of the remaining type). So although you may not have all the assigned BOffs on the bridge, you *could* have all the BOffs you have assigned to stations for space combat on the bridge (whether or not the right ones show up may be another story).

Also consider that there is plenty room on this bridge for more stations/seats/standing consoles. That still image from the video taken months ago shows the back two seats on the outer walls straddling two display panels each. That's exactly how it appeared on the show. HOWEVER, it was much less noticeable and impractical because the show's bridge was at least half the size of it's STO counterpart. In the show version, you could turn the chair 45 degrees one way and be facing one panel, and turn the chair 45 degrees the other way and be facing the other panel. With the interior scale inflated like it is, the same seat is now out of reach of the panel controls on either side. HOWEVER (!), there is now room for TWO chairs at each station, which could double the amount of seats on the outer circle of the bridge from 4 to 8! That should be plenty to have room for extra empty chairs that your friends can sit in for RP sessions or generic crew to man.

If they were to move the captain's chair into the middle of the bridge (like it's supposed to be), there would even be enough room to add a stand-up console in front of the back wall.

And let's not forget the possibilities of the upcoming ship interiors, where you may be able to see your other BOffs around in other compartments. If they add the abilities to have Chief Engineers or Chief Medical Officers I'd much rather have them in Engineering or SIckbay rather than on the bridge. Maybe even have a chief science officer in the lab too...