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05-12-2010, 04:51 PM
Easiest option is to have more stations that officers can be assigned to but they provide passive bonuses and dont allow the use of the officer powers.

Chief Engineer - +5% Repair rate
Chief Medical Officer - +5% Crew Recovery Rate
Chief Security Officer - +5% Able Crewmen

Although I would rather see all 10 current Bridge officers be placed on the bridge and the option to customise the generic crew members. The uniform at least would be good enough.

Alternatively, have universal stations that apply passive boosts depending on the profession of the officer placed in them. Thus it pays to have all of your Officer positions filled and planned out to suit your style.

Regardless, that Bridge has 6 positions and we need 10 if all the officers are to be placed accurately, even more if they account for all possible variations of officer amounts.