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05-12-2010, 04:23 PM
Yes, I was able to name him. Hence the Edward thing. I decided to keep his initials EMH for the hell of it.

His default tetroyon resist is -25% I believe. I have it much lower than that due to the armor I gave him. And he is more equipped to give out healing on the battle field than anything.

For note, there is a Klingon Variant too.

When he is KOed, an emitter falls to the ground where he was. You have to walk up to it and use your recesitate ability just like any other officer or player.

As for healing, I haven't tried that actually as of yet. I should see what happens when I toss a medical tricorder on him. All though he can and will use tribbles when available.

Yes, you can heal them, but you loose about 20% of the heal on him.