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Originally Posted by attilio View Post
i don't remember exactly where to do it, but i believe when you talk to the guy who you can select your default ship from, you have an option that says Discharge which will get rid of the ship, it may also be in the character screen (where it lists your char, ship, and BOs)

Originally Posted by Linkasa
Correct. In Earth Spacedock, Ensign Obin allows you to select your ships, and there is a 'Dismiss' button for the ships that you no longer have a use for...

Though, it is kinda sad... I've grown attached to my little destroyer... Protected my butt -so- -many- times in combat...
Correction: When you go to Ensign Obin do not talk to him. Instead stand near him and press U to open your Status window. As long as you are near Obin you will be able to see every ship you have. It is there, not in the Obin interaction window, where you can Decommission your former ships. And I believe the button does say Decommission, not Discharge.

Note: If you Decommission Tier One starships you cannot get them back, so make sure you really want to get rid of it. You can have several starships so there really is no need to Decommission any of them. You never know when you'll want to go back and play with some lower level friends.