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05-12-2010, 06:51 PM
Originally Posted by ProGuyver View Post
for some strange reson, when you go to discharge a ship that is not the default, and not your only ship it says please type the name of the ship to be sure, do that and hey presto, the ok button is still greyed out??
Originally Posted by Saxon-73
I too can no longer dismiss any ships, the ok button remains greyed out after you re-type the ship name
Originally Posted by delaniprime View Post
This is a major issue... I can not progress in the game... I type the name of the ship exactly ..and the button stays greyed out .. I have a full list of ships and need to make room for my next larger and more powerful one but ...It will not let me ...I have removed all weapons,, consoles,, etc and nothing still greyed out ..I will cancel if I cant get this fixed. I submit a game ticket and no reply ...please help ... I get my backside whipped because the biggest ship I have is a heavy cruiser .. I am captain level 3 and have the token from captain quinn to get the new ship and also the cash...
Looks like you found a bug. Report it and hope for a swift reply... but don't hold your breath.