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05-13-2010, 07:37 AM
Originally Posted by ErisTheVorta View Post
I've heard from some of my fleet mates who regularly visit Tribble that Undine Terradome is still very buggy ... is that right? If so, why is it already released? Sorry to ask, but first it was planned to come out on April 30th, then on May 12th ... sometimes maybe it would be better to announce the releases later than expected and if it comes out earlier than that (without bugs), everyone would be very positively surprised. So if you'd say like it's coming out on May 31st, butt then it's coming out on May 26th, everyone would say "wow it's there already". Do you get me? ^^

What I'm more looking forward at is the Memeowry Alpha revamp.

PS: Yayness on Level 47 enemies ... finally another place to get exclusively MK 10 loot.
Just tried to run it with a team, we managed to get to the part where the engineers disable the consoles. We defended the engineers from the Undine only to realize after it was all over that two of the engineers had bugged out and weren't hacking their consoles. So after waiting for a little while to see if they'd de-bug we were forced to quit. So, yes, there are still bugs involved.