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05-13-2010, 08:18 AM
Originally Posted by Cursix
Since I have a photonic officer, I'll answer these.
  • Science Officer
  • It is male only
  • No, you cannot customize it other than it's name. Tailer's just don't know how to customize that mobile emiter.
  • Yes, most noticable trait is the Photonic Lifeform. It gains natural resistance to physical and kinetic damage but is very weak to tetryon damage. It also cannot substain injuries; so if your playing on advance or elite, send this officer out to the slaughter. Oh, and when it is KOed, it turns into a holoemiter on the ground that you need to 'boot up'

Also worth note, it comes with Photonic Officer III BO space skill.
So its another ground-centered BO, like the KA Borg?