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05-13-2010, 11:20 AM

Ok, so the "Blaze" Bridge looks like an actual Prometheus Bridge... It's still scaled up to about the size of a Constitution-Refit Bridge, so it looks about the size of the Enterprise-A or Excelsior Bridges, but that's perfectly acceptable. There are 6 stations, all manned by actual BOffs, no generic crew.

The "Atlas" Bridge has the two extra steps and moves the captain's chair way in the back

"Pandora" has one extra step and no handrails

"Caucasus" has two extra steps and no handrails, but the captain's chair looks like it may be a little forward than the Atlas bridge. Also, it looks like it's at red alert, which is kinda neat.

Really, I'm happy about the Blaze bridge... and that this bridge feels like the right size and not a giant cavern.