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05-13-2010, 11:50 AM
We cleared all the way to the final part of the STF.... annoyingly named Where's Sulu?

9 fakes and 1 real Sulu. 1 of the fakes is the Undine Commander.

Kill commander <--- hard like hell, super regen, mega attack that wipes out entire party unless party does some pit diving and use the consoles.
Kill 8 fakes <--- kinda hard, kill them all before commander and a horde of 50 undines will come jumping off the roof and kill everyone
Keep Sulu alive <--- average, one team mate basically rifle butt or knock him away safely... and try to keep him from harm's way. He's aggressive to everyone. To know who's real Sulu.... hint: He makes some noise... err text.

After about 7 hours of trying from start to "almost" finish. Gave up to try another day