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05-13-2010, 01:09 PM
I would also like to add, this is one way you can have content writers bring in additional funding via the C-Store.

Selling missions is a no-no that will draw the ire of the community. Expansions can only be released so frequently.

However, you could sell additional cosmetic packs of Interests and even Personality Traits. I think if the system was as full as what I describe here, the core system would be content rich enough that people would pay simply for the text variation that a few extra options would provide.

The idea of selling text on the C-Store is probably something that very few developers would ever imagine being possible but I think this system is actually ripe for such possibilities IF THE CONTENT IS GOOD AND THE CORE CONTENT OF THE SYSTEM IS RICH AND VERSATILE.

The turnaround on this can be much faster than time consuming art assets and this would possibly enable a bigger and richer team of story writers and content writers in the game, possibly up to and including "celebrity guest writers" like JMS or Peter David, something that I suspect would ordinarily be unthinkable. (And as I've said before, I know talented and recognized genre industry professionals who might be interested in writing content on a guest basis with a defined system like this in place -- and I certainly would be up for it, even with the long move it would entail.)

All in all, what I'm suggesting is a system which I think will enable richer and more IP accurate random content that gives the feeling of Star Trek without having to namedrop Trek characters every mission. It would enable more and better content writers and create a new wealth of life using the same assets and bigger staff of content writers with a more versatile funding and development model that takes a game subscription and turns it into a true interactive entertainment service.

I would also add: I know you eliminated the existing recorded voices because they didn't feel right or authentic. But with some version of this system in place, I can walk you through the process of integrating it with voice in a way that will generate organic, quality performances that will put to the shame the simple dialogue trees and repetitive content of The Old Republic and do it on a reasonable budget. This is not only a writer's system but, potentially, an actor's system unlike what any MMO to date has attempted.