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05-13-2010, 01:29 PM
ok we played through it
Space bit:
we still found it a bit zergy but mehh its doable

First ground bit:
Very doable, protect the engineers is about where i would put it aswell so /cheer

Operations room:
No comments

Quark's bar:
Zergy but it suits so, no comments

First deck:
It may have just been us, but none of the destructable objects was dissapearing

Second deck:
We had some problems here, any chance one or two of those incubators could be moved into the hallway?

Third deck:
No comments

Fourth deck:
No comments

Boss room:
= the new gas looks awsome but is causing some severe lag on our end (atleast we presume its the new gas).
= If you get ported out after failing you sometimes get bugged where you can't control your character, we got a work around for this by pressing "e" or "q" but still its really annoying.
= A last comment, the loot on the boss needs to be looked at, it dropping an antiproton sniper rifle aimed against borg is a bit strange. One would atleast expect polaron or somesuch (i think it was polaron the 1st ground boss dropped)
= The boss really needs to be clearly identifyable as this really is the most annoying part of the map.

= A last comment, this place really did improve it still has a bit to go though and quite honestly it needs to take a bit less to clear 2 1/2 - 3 hours is just to long for a one group dungeon. this could be done by either reducing the length of the map or reducing the ammount of mobs.