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05-14-2010, 03:24 AM
Originally Posted by static-force
ok.not gonna bad mouth this game.i love it.but ive encountered one small problem.

i don't know if any other admirals have had this.i'll explain.
i've just completed the cardassian story line,and hit rear admiral (yay me).now,like so many before me,i went and chose my new ship(recon sci ship is bloody ugly,btw),decked myself out in polaron weapons,and got down to do admiral missions.UNFORTUNATELY,the only mission ive got left(apart from the pvp contacts,i don't pvp)(and the big dig/crystal entity ones),is
'explore the zenas expanse'.this is a lvl 9 capt mission.i was told that i can't enter the last warpgate,until ra3.
so,it seems,ive got to repeat the explore mission,until i hit ra3?is that right?am i supposed to spam this mission to death,or am i missing something?
it seems a big letdown,to do nice missions till ra,then have to spam stuff,just to advance.anyone else find this?
I don't know about you but I had a couple of these "nothing-todo-moments" before. The reason for this was, and maybe still is, the fact that at some point in my career I got missions that were +3 level and more. So impossible to do alone, only a couple. I happen to team up with +3 players and got those done. But this added the problem that when I reached the +3 level I had nothing to do cuz I had done some of my +3 level missions already. This happend to me 3 times.
"Tears of the profets" was such a mission I had in my list of missions and did with +3 level players not being that level myself.