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05-14-2010, 07:31 AM
Originally Posted by Naevius
Obviously a subjective opinion. I don't see what's 'un-starfleet' about them.

By contrast, I'd say the Defiant is both ugly and 'un-starfleet': No nacelles, no hull/saucer, way too small...
by contrast id say you where wrong, The Defiant is a tactical ship. the federation needed fast agile ships with punch. They had none. only cruisers and frigates which had outward nacelles the dominion and the cardasians where attacking them during the war. no nacelles means no warp. nacelles under abaltive armour is harder to destroy. of course in this game the only way you can miss a ship is if you fire torpedoe spread. otherwise you cant miss a ship. its not star trek lore but i guess these guys didnt think of that.

The design concept of some of the ships are out their But they should give us a choice of which ship we wish to buy from that store. See which ship gets the most DL. the old or the new. Star fleet never retired the excelsior or the nebula. The achillies is not typically a canon ship because it was not in the movies or shows. It was introduced in a game and by design and functionalty is typically a bad arsh. Like i said before poelpe we as the community should be focused on actual ships and not skins. who give a rats but about a skin when your ships are all the same. we want ships that you are able to transform and experiment with. we should not be limited in ship functionality. We all need to agree that skins are bad and actual ship functionality is what we want. we can argue later what ships should be in the game but not as a skin.