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05-14-2010, 01:06 PM
Originally Posted by Jaruslothran View Post
Here we go again lol.

It was a unique offer.. a one time offer.. unique.. even more focused than exclusive.

You argue semantics... but the end result is that you want what is not yours to have and don't want to share what you think you shouldn't.

You are a walking talking double standard.
I guess you still have not read the actual Cryptic post or the current Atari Post both explain unique as to what the item is, then follows by describing the unique Item.......No where anywhere does it say anything about the offer being unique that is something you cooked up outside of the documented facts.
The only time unique is more focused then exclusive is when it is defined as singular, as in the finger print was unique to James T. Kirk ( as in only one in existence). Thank you for entertaining me though with the whole playing dumb act.

People that pick at the facts to try to create false reasonable doubt ( often called conjecture without evidence or merit) argue semantics, I do not, I educate on the facts, you arguing semantics your trying to change the definitions to meet your liking, when by examples and provided define in writing they can not qualify under Exclusive. The definition for unique you are trying achieve is exclusive, and is stated other wise in Cryptic documentation, in two ways 1. by definition following the word unique explains that only the uniform type is unique and says nothing about the offer being unique. 2. By omission, this is when all other exclusive items are labeled as exclusive (meaning only one way to get) The MU Uniforms are only labeled unique (for the type of uniform they are) Not there Exclusivity to the game or offer.