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05-14-2010, 04:33 PM
Ok my dear op. The problem you have with getting rid of the timer is this... game balance. With the timer you have to take a longer amount of time to get certain things allowing for balnce between the people who play 24 hrs a day(exaggeration) and those who are after workers. Each has the possibility to have the same amount of items after the same amount of time. also... if they didnt have the timer people would do the missions so many times that they would get uber tired of them and whalaaaa nobody plays anymore. so that is why the timer is there.... what I think should happen is... keep the timer on the marks but... allow you to rerun them as many times as you want a day... just make the rewards unavailable for those who are repeating. then you can drop it if you are mid way and tadaaaa do it over just not get marks... I understand your frustration and here is my advice to you... Join a fleet that has daily raids during the time you can play and join up then you will be able to get through daily its not the stfs that are frustrating... its the poeple you team with