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05-15-2010, 03:32 AM
Here are some of the extra titles I've observed that I believe are tied to the new accolades. I'd tie them to the above accolades, but I'm a bit delierious as it's past 3am over here. So I'll sort it out in the morning or whenever I get up. Until then, Enjoy! [*]
Accolade Titles
  • Alpha of the Pack: from the "Alpha of the Pack" Accolade - Destroy 200 Hirogen ships
  • Alpha Quadrant Savior: from the "Alpha Quadrant Savior" Accolade - Destroy 200 Dominion & Cardassian ships
  • Arena Champion: from the "Arena Champion" Accolade - Destroy 200 Gorn ships
  • Annihilated:
  • Casualty:
  • Champion of the Empire: from the "Champion of the Empire" Accolade - Destroy 200 Klingon ships
  • Decloaked: from the "De-Cloak and Dagger" Accolade - Deal 2,000,000 Tetryon dmg w/ your ship
  • Demolisher: from the "Disruptor Demolisher" Accolade (?) - Deal 300,000 Disruptor damage w/ your Captain
  • Descendant of Kahless:from the "Descendant of Kahless" Accolade: - Defeat 1000 Klingons
  • Disintegrator: from the "Positive Disintigration" Accolade (?) - Deal 1,000,000 Disruptor damage w/ your ship
  • Disrupted: (???) Some sort of disruptor-related accolade, I'm sure, but there are many.. possibly the "Disruptive Pattern" accolade
  • Dominion War Veteran:
  • Empire Breaker:
  • Engineer: (???) possibly from the "Entrenched Engineering" Accolade - heal 5,000 damage on any ship
  • Executioner: from the "Electro-Plasma Executioner" accolade - deal 300,000 Plasma damage w/ your Captain
  • Fallen: from the "Fallout Fruition" Accolade (?) - receive 500,000 tetryon damage w/ your ship
  • Fatality:
  • Gunner: from the "Solar Flare Gun" Accolade - deal 2,000,000 Plasma dmg w/ your ship
  • Heavy Hitter: (???)
  • Immune:
  • In a State: from the "State of Mind and Matter" Accolade - receive 15,000 damage w/ your Captain
  • Invoker:
  • Irradiated:
  • Liberated:
  • Medic: either "Bandaging the Band" or "Top Flight Triage"
  • Mercenary:
  • Missile Commander: from the "Missile Commander" accolade - deal 2,000,000 Torpedo dmg w/ your ship
  • Perforated Defenses: from the "Perforated Defenses" accolade - receive 500,000 Phaser dmg w/ your ship
  • Polaron Emitter: (???) any number of Polaron-related accolades
  • Punching Bag:
  • Scorched: from the "Scorched Earth" accolade - receive 500,000 dmg w/ your ship
  • Separated: from the "Separation Anxiety" accolade - Receive 500,000 dmg w/ your ship
  • Set to Kill:
  • Stalwart: from the "Stalwart Siege" accolade - deal 300,000 Kinetic damage w/ your Captain
  • Striker: from the "Strike from the Record" accolade - deal 2,000,000 Anti-Proton dmg w/ your ship
  • Stunning: (???) one of the phaser-related accolades
  • Syndicate Boss: from the "Hitman" accolade - Destroy 200 Orion Pirate ships
  • Tal Shiar's Most Wanted: from the "Tal Shiar's Most Wanted" accolade - destroy 200 Romulan ships
  • Torpedo Target: from the "Torpedo Target" accolade - receive 25,000 Torpedo damage w/ your ship
  • War Hero:
  • Warped: from the "Warp Core Critical" accolade - receive 500,000 Anti-Proton damage w/ your ship
  • Xenophobe

I've updated these as best I could figure, and some of these I'm not completely sure of. Please post needed corrections if you see any.