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05-15-2010, 04:52 AM
Beeing with no one allied doesnt make them Neutral.

Right now the klingons are not allied with one of the "big ones" to. The Romulans arent, and the Cardassians are not really.
And all of them have and always had diplomatic representation wich gets invitet. That doesnt make them neutral.

Neutrals are merchants and merchenaries and any organizations wich not depend to one big empire. Like Ferengie, Nausicans or the Orion syndicate.

Breen could be an own fraction.... wich probably nobody would want to play, or part of a Dominion fraction. Not neutral.

In most cases Breen are shown as bad guys who doesnt want to have anything to do with anybody, but a NEUTRAL fraction part has to be somebody who has business with EVERYBODY.