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During the Tax Holiday purchase time in April, I had 240 C-Points from filling out the survey.

I used those points to purchase the Star Cruiser and Light Cruiser Bridge Packs while they were on sale.

This week ... I have noticed that these two items are NOT recorded in my C-Store listing as having already been purchased, even though they have. This means that if I'm not paying attention, it is perfectly possible for me to buy these items twice apparently. I'm thinking this is because of the "re-pricing" during the Tax Holiday counting in the database as a "different item" with no cross-link to the undiscounted versions of these items.

When I click on either Fed Bridge Pack I or II, even though I have already purchased these items the Buy button lights up, indicating I am permitted to purchase (again). Furthermore, the bounding box on these items is colored Blue in the store, rather than Grey, indicating (again) that I have not yet bought these items (when in fact I already have).

Request C-Store Dev investigation as to Why This Is So and a resolution which prevents this sort of behavior going forward.