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05-15-2010, 10:31 AM
Originally Posted by attilio View Post
They are retroactive. This means that since the beginning they have been recorded but you didn't get the reward for it. I logged into Tribble and was bombarded with a list of notifications telling me that I completed a whole bunch of accolades.
Yup. All the ones listed so far are the ones I have on my RADM 5 character. It took a couple minutes of scrolling text to finish, and that's why there's some titles that I'm not sure go with what accolade.

You also get a handful of merit and bridge officer points per each accolade as well. They all have medals or ribbons associated with them as well (well, the federation ones at least at the moment, I haven't checked what they look like on the Klingon side). It would be cool if we could display these on like a dress uniform or something, but I suspect if we can display them anywhere it would be in the captain's ready room.

It seems like the accolades may be counted across all characters on your account, as I don't *think* I've gone up against other Federation players in PvP on my Federation toon (I don't PvP much at all). I'll have to check that today

Also this is just what's on Tribble so far, so everything is subject to change.