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05-15-2010, 12:12 PM
Originally Posted by Jnoh
Addendum: Based on your statement and the color of your name, I presume then you are among the LTS holders seeking to have Borg captain races given to anyone? You have no issue with TCT, LB, "Career Officer" and your other perks becoming commonplace?
As long as things like the MU uniforms remain non-obtainable then no, i do not want to see anyone else get the original LTS perks etc.
However if the MU Uniforms were to become obtainable then yes, i would not mind others being able to attain the Liberated Borg etc.

I did not mean that you specificly had a superiority complex, but unfortunatley i have had some bad experiences with some MU owners that have been all high and mighty and actually been trolling and flamebaiting(and been Banned for it).
So yeah, nothing personal there.

Originally Posted by personae
As explained earlier the fuss isn't about feeling superior. Its about having to pay hundreds to get something that becomes available for a few dollars less than a month later. Simple as that.

Any alternate method of getting them past the 400 day mark is fine with me. Vet reward just makes the most sense at that point.
That would suggest that the MU uniform was worth hundreds of dollars, which it clearly was not since those hundreds of dollars were for a whole package of things including a lifetime subscribtion which alone would be worth even more hundreds of dollars.