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05-15-2010, 12:14 PM
Originally Posted by personae
As explained earlier the fuss isn't about feeling superior. Its about having to pay hundreds to get something that becomes available for a few dollars less than a month later. Simple as that.

Any alternate method of getting them past the 400 day mark is fine with me. Vet reward just makes the most sense at that point.
Cryptics desicion to make customers buy a CO lifetime for the MU's was/is a very poor decision. Anyone, who knows anything about Star Trek could see the trouble coming the second the idea was conceived. It alienated the Star Trek fans to make something so important in Star Trek lore available by investing over $200 in another game.

It was/is unfair to those that felt they had to spend the money to get the Uniforms, but had no interesst in a lifetime CO sub. It is unfair to the paying customer Cryptic has in STO.

The best thing Cryptic could do is to offer anyone who has a STO sub a full rebate on their CO lifetime subs that had the MU's in them. Then the Mu's should be made available for a moderate amount of Cryptic points in the C-Store.

MU's for a lifetime sub in another game... whats next?