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05-15-2010, 01:30 PM
I think the cart and horse have been interpreted as being in the wrong order.

The MU & Beta Access was added to the CO LTS to increase the LTS's value to CO players.

To interpret that as being targeted at STO players seems a bit strange to me, as there are likely a very small number willing and able to drop $200 just to get a single top, belt, and badge. That was the INTENTION, at any rate. I think it would be amusing to hear what people think should have been used instead to set apart CO LTSers in STO.

My CO LTS is now underutilized, to be sure, but only because that game has failed to retain my interests. It is a sad commentary on the times to see so many assume anyone with a CO LTS who plays STO got that LTS just for the STO perks. I suppose ti is because many of them were willing to do so, but not able?

What ever happened to sour grapes? these days, the fox thinks the grapes have a superiority complex and should be cut down???