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05-15-2010, 01:34 PM
Originally Posted by personae
That would suggest that CO's lifetime offer was worth it on its own merits at the time it was offered. And it wasn't. Whether you like it or not, they did use the MU uniforms and the guaranteed beta access to sell it.

Because of this, a Vet reward is fair. Note I'm not saying a vet reward in CO, but a Vet reward in STO. That would honor at least the spirit of the offer, while still allowing an alternate method of obtaining them.
I disagree, slightly. I still maintain like you that alternate means to obtaining Mirror Universe uniforms become available, but I continue to insist that the uniqueness of the particular CO LTS uniform be maintained.

That said, I think the Kirk MU from TOS would be just fine as a 400+ day vet reward, but the Spock MU from TOS we have as CO LTS should not.

Unfortunately, I believe CO has determined that the CO LTS costume pieces for CO will become vet rewards in CO... then again I have that information second hand. (Correction, there appears to be 2 costumes from this, one "exclusive" and not vet reward material, another "limited" and there is debate on that coming to a future vet system)