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05-16-2010, 07:37 PM
There would be no "drama" had you checked your thread and mail often, or more like any of your so called active members would have checked.

How could you not see someone was waiting to be active on the forums when every time someone registers, you get emailed to activate their account. BTW, I had the activation email sent like 5 times total. There's no way you could have missed it, unless your a moron who doesn't check email at least once a day. And if you're not the admin on the CHC forums, then you got a rather stupid admin then.

As for being a d-bag, I'd rather be that then a dumbass like you who wont even check his email, game mail, or your own fleet thread. A fleet of d-bags would at least check their mails and threads unlike the moron you are and your stupid fleet members.

Oh no, you wont take me cause of my legitimate claims of your inactivity? Like I give a damn anymore, you obliviously didn't even read my last post before this one. And I do not need a klingon fleet anymore, a good guild running a Fed fleet I got into while I was also trying for CHC is going to be doing a klingon fleet as well. So you can take your CHC and stuff it.