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05-17-2010, 03:30 AM
Not only Klingon males. Females need other hair, too. And Nausicaans. And... oh, I'm too tired to type and the list of species design fixes needed is way too long for now. I think there's nothing wrong with... Saurians. But all others have their issues, major or minor or, hehe, critical. I still think all of that should (have been) be fixed before new species were added to the C-Store. Especially the big issues reported in beta. And the C-Store species that already got their amount of bug reports on Tribble should have been fixed before going live - Tellarite height, Pakled bellies, Ferengi teeth.

Truth is, no-one seems to care about the issues species already in game have. They throw out one C-Store species after another, flawed or not, and then move to the next one.