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05-17-2010, 06:47 AM
Quoted by captainchaos66... WHich brings me to another gripe ,,,,,, the exchange.,,,, Why do people feel compelled to sell something worth 10k for 1.5 million creds? I DONT FRACKEN GET IT!!!!! I sell stuff for just over what its worth,, i mean if an engine is worth 20k i might sell it for 25k, and at first, no one bought it,, but now,,, im starting to sell them. I mean i can see the appeal of getting 1.5 million creds for something, thats awesome,,, but if IT NEVER SELLS YOU WILL NEVER SEE THE CREDS HENCE YOU WONT BE ANY RICHER THEN YOU ARE NOW!!!!!!!!!
Do not worry buddy I have been loading the exchange with tribbles at 1 energy credit. There was a time I seen them going for 100 to 200 range...So I decided to release my inventory at 1..LOL!!!!!! for the average Joe can have credits to upgrade, and instead of preying off of them...

@ Yumi Sorrry I missed this series I hope we have another go at this I will be there for sure..