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# 1 Proposal For New C Store Items
05-17-2010, 11:27 AM
I'm not a big fan of the c store in all honesty, for I feel that this content
should be offered in game with the cost of subscription, however, if we are to have
the c store, here are some items I hope you might consider for future purchase.

1. Exchangeable ship parts: EX. Nacelles, pylons saucers hulls, ect. They could be nothing more
than slight variations on parts already available. Like straight pylons instead of curved ones.
Or different shaped nacelles or saucers that fit certain ship classes.
Maybe even a third nacelle option hull ect.

2. More costume pieces. Bathing suits, fleet insignias, more hairstyle options, more uniform
options. Perhaps like the next gen/voyager series uniforms.
Maybe Borg like implant options. It would make some sense that Starfleet, after studying Borg
implants, might have developed some of their own to enhance some abilities, (but again, would
be for vanity, and not have a combat edge.)

3. Non combat abilities. Say transwarp to a friend or a limited number transwarps to a destination
of your choice.
Maybe your choice of transporter effects, have say an original series transporter effect, then
maybe a futuristic neat looking one for others, then a special one for Klingons.
New effects on warp outs, to reflect perhaps new or experimental propulsion.

4. New ship classes. Like an experimental class that introduces some of these new effects, but
really doesn't introduce a clear advantage in combat. Perhaps it would utilize a completely new
starship design we haven't seen, or maybe one that we have already,
like the Enterprise J, (monarch class I believe)
It might have a transwarp drive or experimental weapons that have a high recharge rate, or cool
down cycle, or not be any stronger than current weapons, just different effects.
It might have the federation's version of a cloaking devise,
(perhaps even one like the Pegasus had allowing it to phase through matter.)

5. Perhaps decorations or personal effects for our soon to be available quarters (fingers crossed) on board our ships, or ready rooms. Maybe some that can be given as gifts or bought at various planets or obtained
through various missions as a memento or representation of achievement, friendship or gratitude.
Maybe even certain ready room or personal quarter types or layouts.

6. New federation playable characters, like Holo officers with mobile emitters.

7. Personal residences, on Earth, Risa, Vulcan or some other planet, with a choice of set-ups and layouts.
Maybe some with a holo maid.

Just some suggestions. Again, I'm thinking that if we had some of these "distractions" to keep us busy,
we might have something to do while waiting for new missions ect.

Folks What do you think?