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05-17-2010, 11:17 AM
Well, first the Champions Online subscription was just under $200, not several hundred dollars.

And I didn't care for CO. And I ignored the offer.

Then they had a splash page that DID say it would be the ONLY way to get the Mirror Universe uniform. And I was hopeful about Star Trek, so I bought the stupid thing, because I wanted the uniform. And I had to buy it NOW or missout on the uniform forever. I played with CO a bit, but haven't got a character past 25 as I prefer CoH.

Now if they release the uniform in the store, I would want my money back and they can have my CO account. (unless it cost something like 14,000 cryptic points which would be close to my cost)
If they release it as, say, a 600 day vet reward, I wouldn't be that upset. Or if they offer varients of the uniforms in the C-store, I would be fine. I wouldn't mind having 2 sets of mirror outfits.

I saved a screenshot of the splash page that got me to buy the lifetime on my old PC. I suppose I'll have to get my PC to boot and search for it.