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05-17-2010, 12:06 PM
Originally Posted by dinubabear View Post
The graphic splash page clearly said that the Mirror Univers uniforms was ONLY going to be available to Lifetime Subscribers to CO Online, if purchased before launch. Since it was a graphic page looking all cartoony, it wouldn't be searchable as text.

This irritated me greatly, and I took a screen print before paying my $199 right after. I bet it would hold up in court or a class action suit. I felt they made the graphic just to lure Star Trek Fans to buy a LTS for CO before the launch of CO.

It may have been foolish to pay almost $200 for a costume you couldn't get any other way, but I was cynical enough or wise enough to take a screen print before I paid my money.
I have the champions link in one of the above posts, they took the exclusivity out of the offer after they advertised it on this forum and everyone flew off the handle! check it out I included all the information.

You would never see a refund based on a bonus items give away, because you got all the champions LTS/ exclusives, and unique MU uniform.