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05-17-2010, 12:54 PM
They may have removed the exclusivity out of your text pages, but it was still in the graphic splash page at the time I paid. I searched for the page to be sure that buying the stupid LTS was the only way I was gonna get the costume.

They only have to make slight changes and I would be happy if they offered a mirrored Universe costume in the store. Have the skirt slant a different way. Make the top a solid color or use the Captains woman outfit, and Kirk's uniform. Heck, Mirroring the skirt and belt should take no effort, or altering what is individually colorable. I'd even buy an alternate mirrored costume. They made a legal mistake in their wording, and since the splash provided me with my link to pay, that should hold up as well as our click though TOS no one ever reads.