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05-17-2010, 04:57 PM
as far as i have seen in most games making some people special due to a Referral rewards only alienates people and makes them not want to play the game. Couple that with the c-store that most of the new ship content has been channelled in to, makes most people feel that cryptic cares more about making the C-store and referral program work rather than adding fun new content to there game and getting people that way.

For me all this has done is p*** me off and i have not played in about a week. Its as if paying them a subscription is just not enough you must spend money on cryptic points and spend your time outside of game trying to get people to play a game with no endgame content other than a few annoying STF's and really repetetive exploration missions, as well as a subscription. If this was anything else but star trek i would have gone long ago.. but the carrot of vet rewards and walking arround inside my ship is all that is keeping me here atm.

I realize that most will find fault in all i have said and i can see what u mean but this is just how i feel