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05-17-2010, 05:56 PM
Keep it as a reward for the RAF program - Sure.

Keep it as an exclusive reward from the RAF program - No.

The suggested fix to this was easy, make the RAF Program reward contain all / Some of the Pre-order bonus items thus the benefit of referring a friend is getting them ALL FREE. Incidentally, this promotes those referrers to PLAY with their friends since those Pre-order items are meant for early levels.

Thus it makes the early game more interesting and they can go and level a new character with their referrals. Thus better gameplay for all rather than... oh look shilling like crazy for referals who people have no intention of helping beyond getting what they want out of it.

Thats REALLY classy and sure to send a good message to new players when the moment they get into STO.

As for the rest of us that wont or cant use the referal program, put the items on the C-Store so we can get them.