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05-17-2010, 06:20 PM
I think I'm just going to start believing all the people who are so down on their own abilities that they insist on labeling anyone who achieves their goals with insults. Maybe I'll name my X after one of the more vocal malcontents and start organizing "Galaxy X only" events. I mean, if I'm going to suffer through the never ending name calling and bashing, I may as well reap some benefits by actually becoming the elitist snob these posters have decided to name us.

Have your damn Galaxy X. Seriously.

But get your hands out of my pockets.

Exclusive reward for rare effort and dedication. Period.

give them the X, give me something equally cool the 5 people who wont stop posting continuously about how its the achiever's fault they cant achieve can have the thing that will silence them once and for all.

The reward itself is the trouble. Give me something else, something they cant have, and something they don't want, but we do. Figure it out, I'm tired of this tantrum protest.