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05-17-2010, 07:25 PM
There are any gold farmers left? Why would anyone want to buy EC anyways? I run around and throw free stuff away like a maniac, and never run out of EC. Need a new turret? Oh, costs 500K on the Exchange... *goes to D'Kel for 20 mins, sells loot, buys turret*

The one thing I think should go in the C-Store in the near future... Slots. Charakter, ship, costume slots. There isn't much to do wrong, and leave unfinished about them.

Look at all the playable races.

Ferengi had a Lobes for Business trait in beta. Now they have completely senseless traits and no teeth. Oh, and a bug that doesn't let you change the head size slider, too.
Tellarites. When the BOs came on Tribble, people complained about the wrong height and bodyshape. It went live and playable as it was, and is still not fixed.
Pakleds. BOs went on Tribble, people complained about the wrong bodyshape - the SAME issue the Tellarites already had. Pakleds went live and its not fixed.
Fed Klingons in itself were a major slap in the face, if not a death sentence for the KDF. Besides that, they are stuck with fugly dreadlocks no Klingon ever had, and zero other hair options.

What are the devs doing? Fixing that? No. They work on new C-Store items.