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05-18-2010, 03:12 AM
would be very nice if you could translate

Alex (male)


Moonlow (male)

in some alien languages, not too many, lets say federation-ingame-races...
so i might use one or two of them for BOs...

about Moonlow:
yes its no real name, it is thought as a name out of a pictional language...
should describe: a moment the moon stands very low (...and near to horizon)

if possible, would be the greatest, even a bit more complex picture:
actually my alien-char is named "Fade Moonlow",
so additionally to the moment described above its light is fading out...
in my profile i described that "Fade Moonlow" is just a translated describtion of the native name,
so i would like to see some possibilities how the real name could look like

PS: if id given not work enough already, here is one more:
my ship is named Agrippina (female tho), just for being courious some translations would be nice