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05-18-2010, 05:52 AM
People who quote Family Guy, neither knowing or caring that it hasn't been humourous in years?

Nah, just messing with you. Or am I?

What bugs me is the ass-backwards levelling system. I spent the better part of a month getting from the Tutorial (unskippable? Really? Let us out of Outbreak, dammit!) to Commander. I then, playing for the same amount of time, spent the better part of two weeks getting from Commander to Captain, and the better part of four days getting from Captain to RA5. Shouldn't it be the other way around? To draw people in, don't have the largest hurdles and obstacles right at the very start.

Lack of content, too. I've only really played two MMOs from character creation to top level - this one, and CoH. Having played two thirds of the Cryptic MMOs out there hardly makes me an Online Gaming expert (although I'll kick your ass at JA) took me a year to get from level one to level 50. Slower than most, I know, but I really enjoyed exploring this giant open city that had been created, savouring the landscapes and people around me. There was, when I played CoH, a lack of end content there, too - but it didn't matter so much. Here, some people go from Ensign to RA5 in under a month. There should be more content available, maybe not to make it a longer experience (although, c'mon - 10 a month, one month for a max level character? Thanks for the tenner, goodbye. Or 10 a month, and two months for a max level character? Double your money!) but to make it a richer experience. I can name, off the top of my head, at least three people I chat with in this game who say "Do the Explores up to Captain, you get better drops and more XP". Playing an MMO, at least to me, isn't about getting the most amount of XP per mission, it's about playing an enjoyable game with a rich storyline with friends. If there were more episodes, with more of a sense of Star Trek (and less Ground Combat), I know I'd enjoy the game more.

I'm sick of hearing people say "Oh, well, it isn't a WoW beater"; not just about this, but any MMO. You don't have to beat World Of ******** to be successful, you have to be good. Provide a rich experience, a sense of achievement for hitting the higher levels, and you're onto a winner.