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05-18-2010, 06:59 AM
People who make excusist remarks to defend their position in an argument insted of accepting there is something rotten in the state of (insert your favourite games manufacturer, government or other topical entity here).

Examples: "STO is an every changing MMO ... so that excuses it being broken." or "STO has a tiny dev team, you cannot expect a stable release of the game this early in its development"*

People who try to shout reasonable assesment and subsequent point of view or argument down with their unreasonable or inappropriate referrance to sales figures, subscription numbers, technological superiority (or difference) and such or respond to such reasonable point of view in a 'hit and run' cocky manner designed to cause trouble or made out of ignorance or to be petty and often based on assumption.

Examples: "WOW has a massive player base, so of course you'll see more people their than the often seemingly deserted STO","You obviously hate STO go back to playing EVE" or "I've been playing MMOs since before you where born you snot nosed little rag."**

People making such remarks often seem unreasonable, petty, intollerant or misinformed at best and are either deliberately trying to or inadvertantly manging to spoil good honest debate and or cause division where unity or at least a 'middle ground' could be found.

*I am not trying to put cryptic down here, just giving examples of what I mean. I like STO and want it to succeed.

**For referrence; Though I have played WOW with its entirely different world to STO, I have never played EVE. I have been playing computer / video games for some 25 + years - including many different types of game and some simple games I wrote myself many years ago!