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Hey there - just been messing around with the new Prometheus bridge pack on Tribble, and they look terrific. Helps that the Prometheus bridge itself was a redress of the 'Undiscovered Country' Excelsior/Enterprise bridges, and so has those classic proportions (how long till we get THOSE in the C-Store? Name your price, Cryptic - I'll glady fork over the cash!!).

However, there are a couple of immerson-killing flaws with them that I've found - quite obvious ones, too.

Firstly, the viewscreen shows a pretty low-res picture of DS9, regardless of where your ship actually is. That's not great - even a blank starfield would be a better (and certainly more flexible) alternative.

Secondly, the LCARS display behind the captain's chair only ever shows the Prometheus-class. That's to be expected, and it's probably not possible (yet!) to have an LCARS system that shows your exact ship build, but it's still odd to have a different ship than the one you currently command on the screen. Perhaps it can be swapped for something more generic (although not for the Prometheus-class, obviously!), so as not to look so out-of-place...

Again, these aren't show-stopping issues, but as I said, they do hobble the immersion factor somewhat! If the devs spot this and can fix it, that'd be awesome - thanks!

OR... the ideal (although far more complicated) solution - bridge screens that reflect the ship you're on, and the region of space you're in! Granted, it'll take a while to work out how to implement them in a fool-proof way (for LCARS screens, it'll no doubt require a system that can take all the various hull parts into account, which isn't something that will happen overnight!), but as a long-term thing (perhaps to coincide with ship interiors?), I'm sure the majority of players would welcome it.