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05-18-2010, 10:09 AM
Originally Posted by Adrasil
Pretty sure the new movie took place well in advance of the current time period of the game. So those phasers would have been phased out by now. pun intended...
First, huh? The last movie (JJ Abrams) was set quite a long time ago in the past, according to lore, but you're right, they'd have gotten rid of those weapons by now.

And no, I can't imagine keeping those older weapons around. By comparison, the standing militiaries across the world store weapons in armories jsut in the event of wartime. However, I'm reasonably certain the British Army doesn't have a stockpile of Lee-Enfield rifles someplace to be handed out, nor the US Army a stash of M-14s. They're old technology, that would be woefully inadequate. Phasers would be the same, I'd expect, particularly if you accept the STO conceit that personal armor and shields have a place in the ST universe. Older phasers would have much less effectiveness against "modern" personal defenses....