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# 205 Next step in game
05-18-2010, 05:28 PM
Howdy all, i just made Rear Admiral and am curious about what the next step is. I havent chosen a ship yet, i still have ALOT of missions to complete but ive heared alot of grumbleing about ENDGAME content and " Daily's" It seems once you lvl out your character theres several " fleet" actions available as well. I havent done a single match of PvP and am not really that interested in it, and from what i understand the Klingon characters basically are nothing BUT PvP, so my question is, once i lvl out my first toon, it seems my options are
A: Run the " daily" missions and fleet actions

B: Start a klingon and do PvP

C: Start a new Fed and run the game over again choosing different options and stuff.


I have a years subscription thats good till March of '11 AND im newly unemployed so i have TONS of time on my hands,, any suggestions would be great, i really enjoy this game and dont want to spend the next 9 months of my subscription being bored ( i doubt that will happen but.....) So throw me some suggestions and letme know what the best options are, or if im an idiot and theres TONS of stuff im missin.