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05-18-2010, 05:59 PM
Ok, I'm game for TOS hand phasers or TOS movie phaser pistols, in fact I'd love to have some lying around, but I beg of you cryptic, distance yourself from JJ Abrams' abomination.

Regardless of it's popularity, it doesn't take the series in a better direction, it merely takes it in a direction that appeals to the vast multitude of young views who dislike deep plot and cerebral stimuli and prefer explosions, sex, T&A and sexy explosions. This is the generation that should gladly trade a story that is complex or challenging for 90 minutes of HD explosion and a bad a$$ lead who rips people's heads off like some deranged psychopath.

Yeah it sell, that great. But it only sells because people's expectations have fallen and their tolerance for deep stories is all but gone. Numeral popularity doesn't necessarily reflect a product's quality. And a paradigm shift in preference from deep stories and adventure to mindless explosions and T&A doesn't suddenly mean that making movies devoid of a deep and rich story is a way to make good movies, just movies that sell.

Cryptic, I beg you, stand clear of JJ Abrams.