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05-18-2010, 07:33 PM
Originally Posted by dojen
i know 225 is insane but thats how much cryptic makes off each ship they give for the raf it's funny i keep pointing out that there isn't a time limit at least not yet but yet all i keep seeing is people who want an easier way to get it if cryptic caves on this then noone will ever bother with their promos again cuz if whine they will cave so why work for anything
I have never once said there needs to be an "easier way". All I have said is that I disagree with them giving the ship a cloak, when no other federation ship can cloak. That is giving a playing advantage to folks, that isn't kosher (IMO of course.)

I agree with them releasing the X as a promo item. I agree with them putting the X as the RAF promo item. I do NOT agree with them giving RAF folks a gameplay advantage, and that only involves the "maybe" cloak.

So yes, you guys that have gotten the 5 referrals, I agree your ship should remain yours. Will it? Hard to say, look at the "Lifers only" starbase. Now, can you guys give a little and at least admit that the cloak is a little underhanded? Maybe not, maybe you truly believe that people with more "means" deserve a better game...(CLOAK ONLY, not ship)