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05-18-2010, 09:30 PM
@OP great guide dude, while other may gripe about your guide I won't. Like you said before the guide it for performance and frame rate. Some people love the 'pretties' of the game but suffer for it, then gripe that it's a problem with Cryptic's coding or some such nonsense. Look at the thread about over-heating, people *****ed...I mean complained that it was 'Cryptic's coding' that made their computers go poof. Knowing them they had all the settings at max and didn't understand the little nuances of their computers.

Take me for example *shudder* I'm running on a dell inspiron 1720, damned thing is two years old and with an integrated graphics card. Yes I yell and complain that I Don't have access to the best 'pretties' but I get over it. This game even on the recommended settings give me frame rate I can live with. I don't know if this is connected to anything but I've had a bug or maybe glitch that when I look in fleet anything the game locks down and I have to ctr+alt+delete to bring up task manager and kill the game. More then likely the case is the integrated vid card.

I'd also like to say that the Game Boost program is niffty, I run windows 7 (Which is hella better then vista for performance) I usually peg out at 1.4 gig of mem, but that's with firefox open and tons of tabs open. Yes I'm a forum hunter, but with it closed I shoot down to around 800meg that windows is using by itself. Now turn on the program and I shot down to only 600meg running. So I would say it's a win/win for Game Boost.

Only thing I haven't done is run it and run the game, will have to do that right after I get done burning a movie.

I'd also like to say that BlackVipers Process Guide is awesome if you PAY ATTENTION and DO NOT turn off something that isn't in the "SAFE" side of the guide. I've gone through it when I had vista and yeah it worked fine but I had to be stupid and click something off that I thought it was something else...damned miss clicks. But I have never, and I mean never even on this Dell Laptop using that guide on safe have messed the computer up.

With that being said, if you know about your computer and what you do and don't use then yes go a step beyond 'safe' and tweak your system. Just like CCleaner, if you know what your doing then use the registry cleanup tool.

About Avira, I'd recommend it be turned off when your playing the game. It has a default option in where it will scan every access or read file. And with this game accessing a lot of files (I'm guessing here) it has the potential to put a load on the cpu possibly.

On defragmentation, I would highly consider getting a better defragger then windows. I can't remember the link at this moment, but in it was a report on microsoft admiting that their defragmentation software was not up to par with other companies. Myself I broke down and purchased OO defrag and just recently did a trial of perfecdisk 11. If you use your computer for more then gaming, like a lot of people like me, run a defrag at least once a week. Fragmentation kills your computer more then anything, also the stress of your seek time on the hdd goes up as there is more frags. A good rule of thumb is for a hd of 120-500 gigs is only 2-6% fragmentation. Anything higher and your computer has to work harder to piece together files it needs.

Also memory, make sure you have enough of it, vista users try to go for 2gig+ win7 I'd say the same. And make sure to note if you have a x32 or x64 bit processor and windows. x32 can only handle up to four and most times only show 3.5 or 3.6 being installed. x64's limitations are different. Also your motherboard will tell you how much ram you can have per slot I.E. 2 gigs. If you want a free fast way of knowing what your max is check out they have a program (that is very small and doesn't install to your hard drive) that scans your computer and determines what your computer can handle.

just my 2 cents thank you for your guide OP