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05-19-2010, 06:02 AM
Originally Posted by leea123 View Post
well i got to say thats crap,

I want to be able to have my own base, use some of my own ship in conjuction with my current, I wont missions which are only for science, tactical and engerenering.

I hate doing explore missions and end up fighting, how about having to repair somthing, or sovling a warpcore breach, reapir a conducit etc.

I want weapons to be better coz im an rear admiral 5 i have X type phaser and duel phasers and quantum torpedos and it some to ages to take down ememies.

Cryptic do something right now wont you before you start to lose more people and theis game just become a distant memory!!!!!!
im sorry you feel that way but im not sure why you expect a side kicking system to be something its not. thats not really the games fault because you were not sure what it was.

there is more non combat stuff coming and they are looking to add new stuff that players want, but they cant just do something right now and have it all fixed. adding stuff to the game takes time to make and implement

do you have the difficulty set too high. if its above normal than it does take ages to take enemies down. on normal it should not be a problem if your energy level are set correctly.

yes some people will leave or take a break but the games not going to die or become a distant memory just because its not currently the way we all want it to be