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05-19-2010, 05:53 AM
Originally Posted by Nishka
Please keep the discussion out people, don't want to see this thread burnt down again.

I have a lot of arguments myself in favour as well, but last time that discussion started it ended with a thread lock. :p

If you're for it then just /sign, otherwhise for whichever reason you have against it a /nothankyou will do.
Sorry doesnt work that way. The poll would only matter if it were only among the people who actually made the expense to get the uniform. Or if the poll was on whether or not ALL exclusives, not just the MU should go C-Store. Because that's the door you're opening.

You're trying to keep discussion out of the thread simply because you know that the number of people who don't have the uniform outunumbers those who do. Its a cheap tactic to attempt engineer the result you desire.

Again, nice try. But as long as you keep creating threads on the topic. I'll continue to speak my mind on it.