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05-19-2010, 06:57 AM
Originally Posted by Peregrine_Falcon View Post
The JJ Abrams stuff sells, because people like it.

The fact that you and a handful of other trekkies dislike Abrams Trek and everything to do with it means nothing. Abrams Trek made more money than any two other Star Trek movies combined. Because it was the best Star Trek movie ever made.

Asking a business to ignore that because it doesn't fit in with 'your vision' of what Star Trek is supposed to be like, makes no sense.
Aren't we a bit agressive here?

People have a right to their opinions. Not everyone liked to new movie! I hate the new movie for example because it wasn't Trek and it used their names and the license. The new movie stuff doesn't belong in the game because the game takes place in the prime timeline universe and not the alternate reality from the new movie.

You are correct however that the new movie was a big financial/bussines success. It saved the Star Trek Franchise. I agree with you there. Did the new movie had a thought-provoking intelligent story? No, in my opinion it had not. All this movie was was a shoot em up.

Kill everything on sight. Revenge this and revenge that. I for myself didn't find any morals or ethics in the movie. Doesn't mean they weren't there for other viewers. We have come into a time were special effects are more important than a good story. Just look at Transformers. Many people only want to see action and explosions and stuff. It seems that that makes for good movies these days.

We so called haters are in the minority. I understand that and can accept this. But don't look down on us. We have every right to our own opinions and the few misguided individuals from both sides who are attacking everyone should make peace or open a productive dialogue between us so that we can have some peacefull relations and to salvage our friendships.

The new one however did one good thing for me. It renewed my apreciation for the great work Rick Berman did. This again is my opinion. Many would disagree with it I assume. We are a very volatile fanbase if you look closely at it. Let us see. When Rick Berman took over The Next Generation when Gene passed away he molded this show to what became a fan favorite. We loved the man and praised him for who and what he was and for what he did. With that praise and financial success we were given Deep Space Nine. Another milestone in Trek history. And again many of us were gratefull for this show as it proved to be an impressive feat and one of the greatest Star Trek shows out there to this date.

Because of his and all the staffs (everyone who worked on that show) succes we got another TV show as everyone knows. Star Trek: Voyager. Here began the trouble they made some unpopular decisions and alienated some of us. Me excluded. I loved every tv show. What did we the fans do? We jumped at the mans throat and didn't let go. We strangled the franchise we loved so much. Some of us even said in public forum that they would bring Voyager down. Luckily the show ran for its full seven seasons. Not stellar ones but mediocre entertainment at the end.

Then Berman and Braga deicded to go the way of a prequel and the hate from many of took a new level. We openly atacked them. Calling them names wishing for Star Trek to fail miserably etc. It was no surprise that the show was cancelled after only four good seasons. Many of us didn't give the show a chance.

Oh I know everyone lave/hate topic. Star Trek Nemesis. Agreed it had a lot of mistakes and continuity problems in it. But if you look at the story only. Not the special effects or the movies execution then it was a good story. Yes it borrowed some elements from previous Trek but only the best bits and pieces. Did we thank them for yet another Star Trek movie that was made regardless of the less than stellar financial success of the predecessors? No we didn't. We attacked them and Rick Berman in particular again. The man didn't deserve that. Especially not after giving us so much great Trek.

I wish that Rick Berman would be given a new chance. A second chance to give us quality entertainment in the prime universe of the 24rth century or even further ahead in the timeline.

Again I stress it that all of the above is my opinion only.

I sincerely hope that we can get along again in a peacefull manner.

Thank you for reading. Live long and prosper.

(Please forgive my english. It is not my first language.)