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05-19-2010, 08:20 AM
Originally Posted by willatreides View Post
Gilligan's Island online ... for 500 C-Store credits you get the plans to the seashell radio.

The Munsters Online ... refer 50 suckers and get the hearse dragster.

Bevery Hillbillies Online ... put a Cryptic sign on your lawn and get the exclusive double barrelled possum gun!

I'm just sayin ...
Actually, that would be better compared to this:

GIO: Extend your game play to a full 3 hour tour! Only 500 points in the C-Store!

tMO: RAF has been started! Refer 50 friends and get a COLOR Herman that can scare away NPC's just by stomping his feet!

BHO: Special event "Come on back now, ya hear?" weekend! Previous players can rehash the good times this weekend, if you re-subscribe you will get a new costume piece: "Shoeless feet"

Sorry, just wanted to make sure the "prizes" matched the current ones.

TaEASGJO: Order a large drink at "Nowhere near you!" and get a limited edition Chippy and Rascal set!
(I forgot about the Del Taco promo :p )