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05-19-2010, 03:09 PM
Originally Posted by The_Orig_Jean_Luc_Picard
You know what... heres a great way to have a real laugh with this promotion.

Get 5 people to subscribe = Get Galaxy-X

Player only has the Galaxy-X as long as those 5 REMAIN active.

If they leave / become in-active - Galaxy-X Removed from player

Yeah... those folks that go and cheat to buy it for themselves will have to maintain 5 seperate accounts to keep the Galaxy-X in their inventory thus providing Cryptic a SUSTAINED income for development.

6x$20 a month, every month = $120


I agree with this. This is very unfair of you cyrptic
Originally Posted by dojen
For gods sake cryptic don't listen to this it's hard enough to get 5 people to buy the game and then sub for 30 days anything more is ridiculous
I agree with both of these statements.