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05-19-2010, 03:39 PM
I'd like to see these get put into place, particularly, filters for the log entries.

I would absolutely love to develop some RP storylines for both me and my officers but it's an overwhelming task to look at the extremely long list of missions I've done and figure out where to start. One idea I had to lessen this was in regards to both Patrol and Explore missions. Since there are several missions that you do to complete each of these, perhaps the Patrol and Explore missions should be the only one that show's up in the log while the individual system mission should show up in the entry for the Patrol or Explore mission.

But in regards to the web-based captain's log, a filter to see just "Supplemental Logs" or "User Enties" so that we can enjoy the meat of what people have to write and not have to spend time rifling through every single log entry to look for what they have written.