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05-19-2010, 04:43 PM
Originally Posted by Liltawen View Post
More interesting to STO however is over on the10 ton Hammer site they reviewed the new Nvidea 3-D hook up for games and they said it looks great. They tried STO and some other MMOs. The idea of flying through those asteroid belts in 3-D sounds real tempting. It might even make 'find 5 whatever' ground missions interesting.
I figure I'll get a 3-D computer monitor a long time before I'll get a 3-D tv set. Not many movies that I want to see in 3-D but there are all sorts of cgi computer games I'd like to see in 3-D.
Just a quick note of warning from someone who has played STO in nvidia's 3D shutter glasses. STO's space isn't very good, the nebulae that are in the background of almost every spacefield renders as if it's very close to the screen. This has the effect of ruining the feeling of depth. (some of us have been prodding cryptic about it since closed beta)

ground looks good once you've turned shadows down though. I enjoy seeing my captain and crew close up in 3D. bridges are particularly sweet.